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Faulty Xbox 360 will help find you the latest spares or repair faulty Xbox 360 consoles on auction in the UK. Faulty Xbox 360s are normally outside of Microsofts warrenty and because most users are not able to repair the faulty xbox 360 themselves or pay for the repair work they are often sold for very cheap prices. There are plenty of tutorials and video tutorials on the internet that explain exactly how to repair faulty xbox 360 consoles back to a working state.

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Most spares or repair faulty xbox 360s suffer from the dreaded red rings of death (RROD). This is a processor and overheating hardware fault and is one of the easiest and most common faults to fix. You can even buy the repair kits off of ebay for only a few pounds. Other faulty Xbox 360 problems include faulty drives that can scratch the game disks, E74 error and video errors. For people who can fix these types of problems buying a faulty xbox 360 is a perfect way to pick up a really cheap console. If your console is damaged cosmetically there is always the option of buying a faulty xbox 360 as spares to replace your damaged casing and parts instead of having to buy them brand new.

Xbox 360 repair fix videos (RROD Red lights)

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