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Faulty Laptops will help find you the latest spares or repair faulty laptops on auction in the UK. Faulty laptops have normally passed outside of the standard warranty and the user is not able to repair the faulty laptop themselves or can not afford for a computer specialist to carry out the repair.

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Most faulty laptops either suffer from some kind of hardware or screen fault. It is very common to find spares or repair laptops with damaged or non-working screens. In most cases it is simply a case of purchasing a new (or used) screen and replacing the old one. That is just one example of how buying a faulty laptop and repairing it yourself can save you a lot of money over the laptops store retail price. Laptop faults such as graphics card, processor, motherboard, hard drive or CD drive faults can also be quite easily rectified by someone with the repair skills. Quite often buying a spares or repair faulty laptop with damaged hardware but perfect condition casing and cover can be a perfect way of using the spares for your same model laptop that may have been dropped or damaged and in need of cosmetic repair. Buying faulty laptops is also a perfect way to make money if you are able to repair for free or very cheaply. Quite often people will buy faulty laptops, repair them and then sell them on for large profits each time.

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